OxyShield® OEB 1500

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OxyShield® OEB 1500 (2ST) is a 0.59 mil (15 micron) biaxially oriented nylon 6 film. Designed for use as packaging that requires high oxygen barrier (OTR <2 cc/m2 /24 hours) such as for dairy products and meats in modified atmosphere packages, OxyShield® OEB 1500 (2ST) incorporates EVOH in the core layer to provide extra oxygen barrier. In addition to conferring oxygen barrier properties, OxyShield® OEB 1500 (2ST) offers an aroma barrier, excellent toughness, and puncture resistance under both high and low temperatures, and exceptional flex crack resistance.

Polymer NameBOPA (Nylon Coextrusion) Film, BOPA (Nylon) Film, Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH), Nylon-Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (PA-EVOH) coextrusion

Physical FormFilm

FeaturesAroma Barrier, Corona Treated, Excellent Toughness, Good Flex Crack Resistance, Moisture Barrier, Oxygen Barrier, Puncture Resistant

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Physical Form
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Average Thickness (Target)15micronAdvanSix Method
Basis Weight17.5g/m2AdvanSix Method
Coefficient of Friction Kinetic (In/In)0.4ASTM D-1894
Coefficient of Friction Kinetic (Out/Out)0.45ASTM D-1894
Dimensional Stability - MD1.5%
Dimensional Stability - TD1.5%
Elastic Modulus - MD2920MPaASTM D-882
Elastic Modulus - TD2450MPaASTM D-882
Elongation at Break - MD130%ASTM D-882
Elongation at Break - TD100%ASTM D-882
Haze3%ASTM D-1003
Oxygen Transmission Rate (at 71.6°F/0% RH, 22°C/0% RH)1.2cc/m2 .dayASTM D-3985
Surface Tension (Treated Side)58dynes/cmASTM D-2578
Tensile Strength at Break - MD240MPaASTM D-882
Tensile Strength at Break - TD280MPaASTM D-882
Yield57.5m2/kgAdvanSix Method