EZ-Blox® optimizes the performance of alkyd-based paint and coating formulations by preventing surface skin formation due to contact with atmospheric oxygen when, between uses, such formulations sit in containers. EZ-Blox® is a breakthrough product that offers a safe, cost-effective replacement for MEKO, typically with equal efficacy and compatibility with other components in such formulations. With EU-REACH certification and low-toxicity, EZ-Blox® is ideal for paints and coatings producers looking to reformulate high-performance alkyd-based systems post ECHA’s reclassification of MEKO as a Carcinogen 1B substance on March 1, 2022.

Chemical Name: 2-Pentanone Oxime

CAS Number: 623-40-5

Functions: Anti-Skinning Agent, Antioxidant, Blocking Agent, Corrosion Inhibitor, Intermediate, Oxygen Scavenger

Labeling Claims: High Purity, Low Toxicity, Water-free

Synonyms: Methyl n-propyl ketoxime, Methyl propyl ketone oxime, Methyl propyl ketoxime, NSC 73149

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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Chemical Name
CASE Ingredients Functions
Fluids & Lubricants Functions

Features & Benefits

Performance Highlights

EZ-Blox® anti-skinning agent has a distinct, low-toxicity profile, and can be used as a drop in replacement for MEKO. These and other qualities described below are particularly important to European customers who need to address, in advance, the proposed recategorisation of MEKO with a reliable, proven and easy-to-convert solution.

EZ-Blox® Performance Overview

Benefits Characteristics Details
Safe To Use Low Worker Exposure Comfortably meets strictest German OEL (occupational exposure level) standards, with a risk profile (3Risk Characterization Ratio (RCR) = Exposure /DNEL or MAK value) up to 100 times safer than MEKO (methyl ethyl ketoxime).
Low Toxicology Profile
  • Not a skin sensitiser
  • No acute hazard concerns
  • Not genotoxic in animals
  • DNEL (Derived no effects level) is at least twenty-five times higher than MEKO therefore, EZ-Blox® anti-skinning agent is safer than MEKO
  • Presently, the sole REACH registrant worldwide
No Cancer-Causing Potential in Liver As determined from toxicogenomic analysis
Favorable Results Extensive body of independent research and testing demonstrates EZ-Blox® anti-skinning agent has a distinct, low-toxicology profile.
Cost Effective Easy Switchover Paint producers have no need for costly reformulations or extensive research and development work.
Flexible Enables dosage flexibility similar to MEKO, resulting in low operational costs.
Unique All other alternative anti-skinning agents would require costly formulation changes.
Proven Performance Customer Approved Alkyd resin and paint producers in the European Union have fully tested and approved EZ-Blox® anti-skinning agent as a drop-in replacement for MEKO.
Market Validated Many paint producers have already launched decorative and wood coating products in the EU market utilizing EZ-Blox® anti-skinning agent.
High Quality Anti-skinning performance and compatibility are equivalent to the highest standard MEKO; no other alternative can match these results.

Applications & Uses

Compatible Polymers & Resins
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Fluids & Lubricants Type
Base Chemicals End Uses
Fluids & Lubricants End Use


Physical Form
Clear liquid
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Alcohols, Ketones and Oximes Impuritiesmax. 0.30%-
Assaymin. 99%-
Colormax. 10APHA(Pt-Co)-
Methyl isobutyl Ketoxime Contentmax. 0.50%-
Water Contentmax. 0.20%-
Physico-Chemical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Boiling Point (at 101.7 kPa)172 (341.6)°C (°F)-
Density (at 20°C (68°F))0.903g/ml-
Flash Point (at 102.1 kPa)69 (156.2)°C (°F)-
Melting Point (at 101.7 kPa)-45°C-
Molecular Weight101.15--
Solubility in Water34.7g/L-
Vapor Pressure (at 20°C (68°F))1.6mmHg-

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type

Storage & Handling

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Keep away from strong acids and oxidizers. Protect containers from physical damage. Keep upright and tightly closed.