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For customers around the globe seeking a reliable supply of nylon resins with superior quality and seamless customer support, AdvanSix Aegis® nylon resins and Aegis® barrier nylon resins are the ideal solution.AdvanSix nylon resins are a preferred choice in food, liquid, and consumer packaging along with mono/multifilament products, carpet fibers, automotive compounding and more. Our resins are available in a wide range of viscosities and additive packaging to meet the exact needs of customers.
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Brand Highlights

Brand Highlights

Widely used to manufacture vacuum bags, casings and pouches for packaging, Aegis® resins deliver outstanding performance that is valued by film producers and their customers. The strength and barrier qualities of Aegis® resins help maintain everything from the aroma of fine ground coffees to the freshness of high-value steaks, and the integrity of life-saving medical devices. These resins offer outstanding performance that provides improved protection and extended shelf life for food and other products in consumer and industrial markets. They also help maintain the aroma and taste of foods. Good flexibility and performance over a wide range of temperatures makes them a material of choice for many applications.


Aegis® resins are specifically engineered for packaging applications, and are available in low, medium and high viscosity grades with a variety of additive options. Excellent processability during extrusion and consistent quality ensures optimal process performance and end product quality. They are suitable for fabricating film through nonoriented and biaxially-oriented (BOPA) cast film extrusion, as well as multilayer blown film extrusion. These films can be coextruded or laminated with other materials or films, such as polyethylene or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), to achieve the required optimal packaging properties.

Key Nylon Film Benefits

Tear and puncture resistance Superior aroma and gas barrier
Flex crack and retort resistance Superior thermoformability
Oil, fat and grease resistance Superior flexibility and toughness
Excellent transparency Heat resistance for hot filling